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Brief Introduction:

As the development of human beings, global energy and environmental issues become more and more acute. In the energy sector, electricity consumption takes a significant portion of energy consumption, where lighting is the main pattern of energy consumption; more than 20% of the world's energy is used for lighting, which exceeds the total amount of hydro and nuclear energy. In the aspect of environment, serious environmental pollution, anomalism of global climate, serious air pollution -carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, soot particles and other pollution, acid rain, thermal pollution, rising of the sea level, drought of land, desertification, all these seriously threat the living environment of human beings. This makes the energy-saving environmentally friendly products get more and more people’s attention, and LED energy-efficient lighting is more and more remarkable with a wide range of application areas.



LED Theory:

LED is abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode. It is a solid-state semiconductor device, which can directly convert electricity into light. LED's heart is a semiconductor chip, the chip is attached to one end of a lead frame, one end of which is the cathode and another end connects to the anode, so that the whole chip is encapsulated by epoxy. Semiconductor chip consists of two parts, one is P-type semiconductor, in it cavity holds dominant position, on the other side is the N-type semiconductor, on that side the main part is electron. However, when the two kinds of semiconductors connected, between them there forms a PN junction. When the current run through the wire and act on the chip, the electron will be pushed to P area and recombination with the cavity, and then it will emit energy in the form of photon, this is the LED light-emitting theory. The wavelength of light indicates the color of light, and which is determined by the material of PN junction.

Advantages of LED:

☆. Low-voltage to drive, low energy consumption
☆. High luminance, high luminous efficiency
☆. Long life, up to 100,000 hours
☆. Green, environmental protection, no pollution
☆. Overall color
☆. Short response time
☆. Flexible design and application


Application Areas:

LED is widely used in various conditions of lighting, mainly include: mobile phone backlight, the screen backlight, LED screen, automotive lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting. LED products of BYD 7th Division consist of packaging products and applications products, specifically as below:

Packaging Products:

1、 Mobile phone backlight, keyboard backlight, indicator light, flash lamp
The application area of Light-emitting diode (LED) in the handset design is increasing, such as the white LED has been used as backlight source of liquid crystal display (LCD) or keyboard. In the wave of large-size touch-screen mobile phone, and the function enhancements of mobile phone which lead to more stringent power control, LED applies more and more in LCD backlight, keyboard backlight, indicator light, flash lamp, etc. The use of LED backlight which replace the traditional lighting save 20% or more of electricity consumption in mobile phones, in addition to the pure LED backlight; it can help to achieve some special effects.
Currently packaging products used in mobile phones are:

Main Products
Pictures of Packaging Products
Examples of Application Products
Mobile phone
● LCD Backlight
● Keyboard Backlighting
● Indicator Light
● Flash Lamp 
●0603 Series
●0603A Series
●1604 Series
●Flash Series
●2016 Series




2、Backlight and Display
LED backlight in the aspects of volume, luminance, energy consumption, material, viewing angle and refresh rate, etc., are more preponderant. Designed CCFL tubes have a uniform luminance, energy consumption is relatively high, and contains mercury and other elements. In contrast, LED backlight consumes less energy, and with better environmental protection function, uniformity of luminance is relatively high and the volume can be made thinner. The life of ordinary CCFL backlight is 50,000 hours, while LED is more than 100,000 hours of life. Therefore, the prospect of LED backlighting is promising.
Currently packaging products used in the field of display and backlight are:

Main Products
Pictures of Packaging Products
Examples of Application Products
Display and Backlight
●Notebook PC
●Digital Camera
●LED Dispaly
●5630 Series
●High Power Series
●3528 Series
●5050 Series
●020 Series




3、 Automotive Lighting
For a long time, the car brake lights, turning signals, reversing lights and rear fog lights are using incandescent light bulbs as light source, whereas auto headlamps use xenon high-intensity fluorescent tubes (HID). However, in automotive lighting, more and more products use LED as light sources. At present, in the lamp market, other exterior lighting and indicators, such as brake lights, turning signals and the interior lights have switched to LED bulbs. In recent years, vehicle lights, such as daytime running lights (DRL), as well as the front beam lights are beginning to use LED bulbs. Perhaps car headlights will soon expect to switch to high-brightness LED lamp. In addition, the internal body, a number of the car also began to use the display backlight LED as a light source, such as the instrument panel and TFT displays. The average life LED lights is longer than incandescent light and high-brightness fluorescent tube, and more stable and reliable, which can reduce the chance of failure. LED lights are smaller, more easily to hold into that occupied space, and more easily with the stylish lighting designs. More importantly, LED brake lights start faster. LED brake lights light lighten in only 50ms or so, faster than the incandescent light bulbs that of about 250ms, thus reducing the risk of collision and trailing vehicle. In addition, LED is a solid-state light source, can withstand a greater shock.
Currently packaging products used in the field of automotive lighting products are:

Main Products
Pictures of Packaging Products
Examples of Application Products
Automotive Lighting
●Tailing Light
●Turning LIGHT
    Backlighting  
●Snap Series
●High Power LED
●7W Series
●3528 Series
●020 Series

Application Products:

1、 Indoor Lighting
In the past two years, with the rapid development of LED technology, light-emitting efficiency of LED is also increasing, LED can replace the traditional light sources in many places, in particular, the emergence of high-power LED, which has accelerated the speed of LED light sources replace traditional lighting, but also makes the large area applications of LED in the Indoor lighting become more realistic. LED is a green light. There is no infrared and ultraviolet components, there is no radioactive contamination, the color rendering is good and has a strong emitting direction; good dimming performance, color temperature change without producing visual errors; low heat by cold light source, it is safe to touch; which are unattainable for incandescent and fluorescent. For the same luminance, LED power consumption is only 1/10 of the ordinary incandescent lamp, 1/2 of the fluorescent tube. LED shows the unique advantages in art; the current colored LED products have covered the entire visible spectrum range, and the color is good, with high color purity, red, green and yellow LED combined to make color and gray-scale (16.7 million) have greater flexibility in the choice.
Current application indoor lighting products include:

Main Products
Pictures of Packaging Products
Examples of Application Products
Indoor Lighting
●LED Tube
●Ceiling Light
●LED Wall light
●Reading Lamp
●40W/50W Squre Ceiling Light
●30W/40W Long Ceiling Light
●1W/3W Spot Light
●4W/6W Bulbs


2、Outdoor Lighting
The current global energy shortage problem is rising again, energy conservation is an important issue in front of us. Applications of LED light-emitting products are attracting the world's attention, LED light source as a new type of green products, is the future trend. LED lighting show in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games let people to have a new understanding of LED. LED outdoor lighting has unparalleled advantages, electricity is 1/10 of ordinary light. The average life of them is up to 30,000 hours or more, which reduces the cost of maintenance and replacement. They can apply to all places, such as roads, residential street, gardens, tunnels and so on. Operating with BYD Solar and Wind complementary system, push energy-saving to the limits.
Current application indoor lighting products include:

Main Products
Pictures of Packaging Products
Examples of Application Products
Indoor Lighting
●LED Street Light
●LED Floor Light
●LED Lawn Lamp
●LED Tunnel Light

●30W/60W Series
●P5 Display
●Solar Floor Light
●48W/100W Tunnel Light